Mr. Right Meets Mr. Wolfman

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Me and comics legend Marv Wolfman at Smallville 2016. I got to thank him for his work, got a couple comics signed by him, and got to talk to him about Mr. Right! He asked me who was on my shirt (Mr. Right, of course), so I told him all about it and he had some pretty positive feedback. It was great to meet him and have a chance to talk with him. Thanks, Marv!

Air Capital Comic Con 2015

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Had a blast at the con! Made some good cash, as well. Here are some photos – Me and the boss, me and Ben Oliver, my son-in-law who helped out so much, and me at the Wichita Comics Creators panel with John Osborne of Frankenaut and Blackbird, Eric Weathers of Flying Fortress and Chip Reece of Metaphase – all great local books. Find them and read them!




Smallville 2015

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Smallville Comic Con. Me and my helpers, GULCH, and of course, the boss. Didn’t make as much money as last year (by a long shot) but still had fun. Got to shake hands and speak with Mike Grell (legendary Green Arrow artist) Billy Dee Williams (Lando Calrissian himself) and Lee Meriweather (one of the many Catwomen on the ’60s Batman TV show).